I’ve got one of my bestfriend’s who works for AT&T now. Word on the street is Miami going to be getting U-Verse approximately in 3 weeks! For all you who aren’t familiar with the U-Verse service it’s AT&T’s version of Fiber optics.

This allows for extreme bandwidth connections and crystal clear High Definition service. AT&T’s main competitor on this server is Verizon FiOS but they’ve only been in Tampa for awhile. I’ve always asked my friends who worked in the Verizon booths when they would roll into Miami but never had an answer. Now Miami will have a large network that carries Fiber for the first time.

This is a good day for anyone who has desired faster downloading speed and good HD picture (besides OTA HD). Now too only dream they’ll have the service available in the Brickell area. Yeah yeah keep dreaming.

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